Laboratory Equipment Calibration Services

Laboratory Equipment Calibration Services

There are several instruments and or equipment that can be frequently used to measure quantities of liquids, weight of ingredients, or to process samples/product, etc. This equipment is essential for the accurate completion of processes. We offer laboratory equipment calibration services that have been fully accredited according to the ISO 17025 international standard. Our services enable companies to render better services to their customers. Equipment/instrument errors can hinder the quality of finished processes or testing results that in turn can ruin the reputation of your company. Using the best laboratory equipment calibration services will help to avoid this.

Our Technicians

We have a team of trained and experienced technicians that can carry out onsite equipment calibrations to meet your needs. However, due to the standards that may be required to calibrate some of your laboratory equipment, it is recommended that some items are calibrated in our state of the art laboratory.

Why Use Our Services?

To ensure the long-term use of your instruments, it is essential to calibrate your instruments regularly. We ensure that our clients maintain their traceability of their measurements by the documentation we provide, which is in line with industry standards.

Adjustment and Repairs

While calibrating your laboratory measurement instruments, we can detect issues that need to be adjusted and repaired to save you the costs of buying new and more expensive instruments.

Increased Productivity

With fully functional measurement instruments, your employees will experience higher levels of productivity in the workplace. The results they attain will be accurate and the finished work up to quality standards.

Retain our Services

We can carry out calibration services for all your instruments. Our team will only be a call or email away. We manage your equipment schedule with our state of the art calibration tracking software. Certificates can be hard copy and mailed to you or emailed as a PDF file.

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Fast and Reliable Services

Get your instruments working properly without any delay. We offer fast and reliable calibration services that you can rely on any time. We work with your schedule to avoid delays in your production and testing.

Laboratory Equipment Calibration Capabilities

Air Samplers, Autoclaves, Balances and Scales, baths (liquid or dry), burets, burst testers, conductivity meters, centrifuges, chart recorders, digital thermometers, environmental chambers, freezers, furnaces, CO2 analyzers, humidity meters, incubators (temperature/CO2/O2/RH), infusion pumps, liquid nitrogen storage units, overs, package testers, pipettes, refrigerators, resistivity meters, rotators, shakers, sterilizers, stopwatches, thermometers (dial/digital/liquid in glass), thermohygrometers, timers, ultralow freezers